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How Often Should I Clean My Computer?

Keeping your computer clean is essential to the overall health and longevity of your computer in Prescott. It’s one of those things that we don’t think about. We take our... read more

Hang Up and Call Softech Computers in Prescott

The phone rings and we want to be a good sport, pick up the phone and say hello. With the smart phone it’s easy to tell who the caller is,... read more

Fake Computer Viris Warnings

Stop! Read this. Chances are, your computer doesn’t have a virus.  If a virus warning suddenly popped up on your computer, don’t believe it, don’t call the number.Don’t get trapped... read more

Some Basic Computer Tips

When you work with computers all the time you take basic knowledge for granted. We all make assumptions that if you know basic knowledge of the workings of your computer... read more

How to Avoid Online Computer Scams

The internet has given us more information and unique ways to conduct business than we could possibly dreamed of in years past. The wonderful world of the internet comes with... read more

Computers in Prescott, How Long Will They Last?

Softech computers in Prescott Arizona has a payment plan that could cover the lifespan of your computer. We all want to get what we pay for and seldom do. We... read more

The Importance of Windows Computer Maintenance

What do we mean by Windows computer maintenance? How can you help yourself by preventing issues with your computer without having to spend any money? SofTech Computers in Prescott brings... read more

Fake "Important Security Alerts" - How to deal with this popup message when using the internet

Have you ever been browsing the internet and get a message that says "your computer is infected" or "important security alert" message? These messages are actually fake notifications attempting to... read more

Ransomware, What is it? Tips to Prevent this Computer Attack

Ransomware is a type of malicious software, once installed on your computer, it blocks access to your files until a "ransom" is paid allowing you to regain access to your... read more
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