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With Winter incoming, SofTech Computers in Prescott explains why your machine could be slowing down

As the weather is getting colder, you might begin to be outside less and less. With all of this newfound indoor time, you might realize you’re using your computer a significantly more. Having a slow computer this Fall/Winter could really cut down on productivity, performance, and increase aggravation. SofTech Computers, Prescott's hometown computer repair shop, is here inform you of the plethora of benefits you can experience from getting a computer tune up this Fall.

What can cause computer problems?

  • Your computer could be filled with junk and adware - If you’ve ever opened your web browser and seen a search engine that isn't Google or Bing, you’ve probably been the victim of adware. Often companies will try to get you to install junk programs that can ruin your computing experience and lead to some serious frustration.
  • Your computer could contain excess programs - If you’re like us, you probably have lots of programs that you rarely use on your computer. Well, you can’t get rid of them, can you? What if you need them again? Fear not, because we at SofTech can disable your programs for starting automatically, dramatically increasing speed and startup time, while keeping your programs on your computer for later use.
  • Your computer could be running out of space - Computers will store hundreds of thousands of files for quick access, but many of these files have only been used once or twice. And, to top it all off, the speed of modern computers makes it nearly pointless, as there isn’t usually a noticeable speed increase. A quick computer tune-up can free up much needed space, and even increase system performance.
  • Your computer could be overheating - Getting a tune-up doesn’t always mean cleaning up software, does it? Your computer can become filled with dust, and, if left long enough, can potentially cause overheating issues. Computers will slow themselves down to generate less heat and prevent damage. So if you have a dusty home (we won’t tell), you might want to consider bringing in your computer and getting it cleaned out.
  • Your computer could need updates - Updates can often fix annoying bugs and speed things up. But not always do they go smoothly: if an update gets stuck, your computer can be perpetually slowed down until the update goes though. By bringing in your computer for a tune-up, we can make sure that you are both current and have no stuck updates, making you more secure and speeding up your system.

Computer maintenance is the key!

As you can see, it’s definitely a good idea to bring in your computer and getting it tuned up. And, with the SofTech OnePlan, all of this cleaning, plus virus removals and all service charges on 3 computers are included for the whole year, all at one low price. That’s right, bring it to us each time you have an issue and we will fix it. What a deal! Call SofTech Computers today to find out how we can help you be more productive and have more fun on your computer. Questions? You can reach us at 928-443-8770.



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