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What makes a good computer a great computer?

Softech Computers discusses whether you should repair or replace your computer.Do you like to play games? Does your job involve image or video editing? How about high-quality sound recording? If you said yes to any one of these or just want a screaming fast computer, you might be wondering what exactly makes a computer high quality. Well, SofTech Computers, Prescott's leading computer repair and service shop, is here to explain the difference between okay and enthusiast hardware, and what you should choose for your needs.

 Each computer has 7 main parts that can make or break a system:

  1. The CPU - This is the main “brain” of the computer and can seriously make or break the performance of a computer. The main thing that the average consumer needs to know about processors is that having more cores and more speed means a faster computer. 4 cores is the current standard, with specialized hardware running all the way up to 16 cores.
  2. The Motherboard - This is where all of the stuff sits, and is one of the most common things to go bad on a computer. While there are a lot of different things that are important to a system builder like SofTech, the gist of it is that higher prices equals better lifetime and better future proofing.
  3. The RAM - RAM is basically short-term memory -- having too much is unnecessary, and having too little can really slow you down. Depending on the application, RAM can typically range from 4GB to 32GB or more.
  4. The Graphics Card/Chip - The graphics device determines how fast you can play video games, edit high quality images in things like Photoshop and videos in things like AfterEffects, as well as speeds up the entire computer a little bit. If you are doing anything besides sound recording and light web browsing, a graphics card could be right for you. These range in price from $30 to $800 depending on the application and quality desired.
  5. The Sound Card - A sound card can be very important for people dealing with video or audio production, as it can allow for hookups to things like high quality microphones, guitars, and pianos, as well as produce high quality audio output. If you aren’t working with studio quality sound, the built-in sound card that every computer has should be enough.
  6. The Storage - What type of storage device you use in your computer is the main thing that makes the difference between low end and high end. There are two types of storage: hard drives and solid state drives (SSDs). Standard hard drives are usually for lower end devices and solid state drives are generally used in high end devices... An SSD is a great addition to any computer to increase its speed and longevity. Another consideration when talking about storage is the amount. You might want to consider getting fast storage in a small quantity and slow storage in a large quantity if you edit videos or pictures, or play lots of video games. Ask SofTech Computers about how you can replace your traditional drive with a SSD today!
  7. The Case - Finally, the case is the thing you see on the outside. It holds your CD drive, your USB ports, and all of your other inputs and outputs. A higher quality case will also contain fans and other cooling devices that can help keep higher end or enthusiast parts cool under a large workload.

So, now you know what all of the parts do, what do you need? Do you need a good CPU and graphics card, but not a good sound card? Maybe you need a soundcard and a good case with lots of inputs to hook up all of your instruments and microphones. Or maybe you want to play video games at the highest speeds. The higher quality parts of each type equate to an overall higher quality computer.

Whatever your needs are, SofTech Computers in Prescott – Your Local Hometown Computer Heroes, can help you make the best decision for your money. You just tell us what you need to do, and we can help you do that, while sticking within almost any budget. If you are looking into getting an enthusiast computer or upgrading your own, give us a call at 928-443- 8770 for more information or to get a quote on how we can help you meet your computing needs.



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