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The Importance of Windows Computer Maintenance

Softech Computers in prescott repairs computers and does data recovery.What do we mean by Windows computer maintenance? How can you help yourself by preventing issues with your computer without having to spend any money? SofTech Computers in Prescott brings information about computer maintenance and what you can do on your own. We will give a list of simple on-board tools and how to use them.

Microsoft Windows users - All of Microsoft operating system software comes with system tools to help optimize your computing experience. Each version has increased in its proficiency These are the tools windows comes with.

Drive Optimizer – also known as a defrag or tool to defragment your hard drive. This tool is quite powerful in the sense that over time your files are stored in various ‘logical’ locations as well as ‘physical’ locations that the computer must read. Unfortunately, programs and their sizes change with each and every update, this means that the computer programs are saved in different places on the hard drive. By running defrag the computer will group those programs and files back together. This greatly increases read speeds and this increases the performance.

Task Manager – Task manager allows the user to see list of various programs that are running, the processes, the services, the startup programs, and the performance of the computer for the current user as well as all other logged in users on the computer. This is a place where you do not want to turn anything off without knowing that in doing so you could potentially cause harm to your computer. This Tool is best used as a visual reference to see how the computer is being used and knowing if there are problems. An example would be to see the usage of your memory, cpu, disk, and network. Exceptionally higher values may indicate that your computer could be in need of some repairs. You also may possibly be using more of your computer than it was designed for and it needs some upgrades.

File History – New to windows 10, a backup option that keeps snap shots of your files so that you can repair or replace files quickly and easily. This can be a powerful tool as long as you can still access the drive to which the files are saved too. Unfortunately, this option has its flaws but yet still a great first step to data redundancy.

File Cleanup – Disk Cleanup – This tool helps reduce unnecessary files and remove unused temporary files that are not needed by the computer. This tool can also remove other files that may or may not be needed, such as windows update files or upgrade files. Never remove those unless you know you have no current issues with windows and that all things would not be needed in the future. These files are un-checked by default. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and leave these types of files alone.

Free Cloud Storage – One Drive by Microsoft for Live accounts is another really good step to help start protecting your information. This is really good for not so sensitive documents to allow you to upload these files directly to Microsoft servers and access them on any of your devices that you are logged into. We love this option, except it’s only a viable one if you can actually log in to the cloud to gain access to the documents.

All of these tools that are already built into your computer are ways of improving your system performance and protecting your data. Combine these with monthly backups, updates, and quarterly PC checks for best results and help increase the longevity of your unit.

Need some further care options for your computer? That’s where we come in. You can pay per service, or purchase our SofTech One plan to cover up to three of your computer units. Call 928 443-8770 to learn about the services SofTech Computers offers.



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