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Some Basic Computer Tips

Learn a few basic computer tips from the guys at SofTech Computers in PrescottWhen you work with computers all the time you take basic knowledge for granted. We all make assumptions that if you know basic knowledge of the workings of your computer system, then you would know how to operate your computer more or less effectively enough to complete basic tasks. These tasks could be creating word documents, printing, emailing, saving, transferring documents, and then some. There are tons of tips, tricks, and ways to do different tasks that we all just make assumptions that people know how to do them. This week SofTech Computers goes back to the basics with computer tips and tricks in Prescott Arizona.

Email tips:
When you get an email from ebay, paypal, your bank, or any other service and it says urgent attention needed or some critical message, close your email and open that service directly by going to their webpage and using your login and see. Do not open those messages and log in through the email. This will limit scams and other issues. Always go to the source.

No dude from Nigeria or anywhere else is going to give you money through your email. You will not be able to help that prince or whoever liberate those funds. Avoid those emails!

Emails that are sent to you and are shocking and say you need to check something out and it’s a link… chances are you don’t want to click that link.

Emails that tell you that you need to forward them and share them to your friends… you probably don’t want to do that because unless you can verify the source and the information chances are its just spam, junk or even helping spread some nasties, such as viruses, over the internet.

Computer Tips:
The windows key on the keyboard can be used to open the start menu

Enlarge text on the internet
You can do this a few ways.
Hold ctrl+mouse wheel up or down to zoom in and out.
Ctrl and – or + to increase the font size

Copy and paste
Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v
Mac users : Command+c and command+v

Ctrl+s or Command+s

Ctrl+p or Command+p



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