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SofTech Computers in Prescott Explains Bloatware on your new Computer

Remove bloatware with a new computer setup in Prescott with Softech ComputersSo you just got a new computer and you’re sure it doesn’t have any of those viruses and stuff your old computer may have had. So it should run really fast, right? SofTech Computer Repair in Prescott hates to make you aware of a hidden danger. New computers often have bloatware that you may be unaware of that will affect the speed of your computer.

Unfortunately, a new computer often has a lot of preloaded software that you didn’t even ask for or may not be aware of - this is often called bloatware. Most bloatware probably won’t harm your computer, but it does take up space on your hard drive and could slow down your system. We’d like to give you an idea of some of the bloatware you may find on that new computer and what you might want to do about it.

Why? - The first question many people have is why would they put “extra” software on my computer that I didn’t ask for. Some say it is to give your system more tools to use, but the bottom line is revenue. Here are the three major bloatware you may find on your new computer.

Trialware - This is usually software that will run for a given period of time (like 30 days or six months) and then you will be required to purchase a software license to continue using the product. Examples of this type of software are McAfee, Norton and Microsoft Office. The good side of trialware is that they normally want you to use it, so it is easily accessed and also pretty easy to uninstall. The downside is that people often don’t realize that it is trialware and are unpleasantly surprised when the notice pops up telling them that they must purchase the software to continue using it.

Utilities and “Useful” Apps - Most manufacturers include some of their own software on your new computer - for example, Lenovo has their Lenovo Solution Center, Dell has Dell Solution Center, etc. These apps normally check your system for problems, software updates, etc. They may also install utilities by third parties for things like burning CDs, handling media, etc. Some of these can be uninstalled, others you may not be able to uninstall. The value of these apps depends on if they are useful to you o not.

Adware - This is the worst since it does nothing to help you. Its goal is to push ads onto your computer screen through websites, popups, etc. Unfortunately, it can do worse than just slow down your machine - it can also spy on you!

When buying that new computer, be aware of bloatware. It will be part of almost any new computer you purchase from the major “box” stores. While some bloatware can be uninstalled, others may be very difficult to eliminate. SofTech Computers in Prescott can help you with your new computer purchase, either by building your new computer for you without bloatware, or with helping you clean that unwanted software from your computer. For help with your computer setup in Prescott, either new or old, contact SofTech Computers at 928-443-8770.



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