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SofTech Computers explains why Prescott computer owners should be wary of anyone telling you that your computer is infected

SofTech Computers explains why Prescott computer owners should be wary of anyone telling you that your computer is infectedIn the course of computing, you may run across a scammer or two. These people are usually use scare tactics and lies to convince you that your computer is infected with a virus or has corrupted data. Softech Computers, your friendly Prescott computer repair store, is here to help you identify a scam and make sure that you don’t fall for this potentially costly trap.

When you purchase a computer, whether through a reseller or through a computer shop like ours, everything is paid for. Apple and Microsoft are no longer in any way affiliated with you, you don’t owe them money, and will never contact you. These companies are in the business of selling new computers, not trying to get you repair your old one.

A common tactic of scammers is to say they are from Apple or Microsoft using either the phone or a website. Many times these phone calls or websites are obviously fake. Sometimes the scammers are better than the rest and are very convincing. Remember Apple or Microsoft will never contact you!

Here are some fake things to be on the watch for:

  • Trying to convince you that you have an infection, corrupted data, or malfunctioning hardware, or that you have done something illegal
  • Claiming they work for Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM, HP, Dell, the CIA, the FBI, or any other company that might help in furthering their claims
  • Asking you to download software
  • Asking for the ability to remote control, or “remotely fix” your computer
  • Asking you to purchase something or give out your credit card

If you happen to take the bait and let the scammer connect to your computer and remotely control it, they will generally claim to run “scans” of some kind. These scans will always claim that they found some sort of problem, and proceed to attempt to charge you a far higher than standard amount of money to fix it. If you accept, you will have a program installed on your computer that will constantly collect data about you and potentially lead to identity theft. If you refuse, you will become locked out of your computer and all your data will be lost.

What can you do?

The best advice is to not call any numbers on the screen, close any browser windows that notify you of any viruses. If you have let these individuals into your computer, SofTech computers urges you to contact us today to have your computer checked out by a local specialist that you trust.

Fear not, because even if you end up (or have ended up) falling for this trap, there is some good news. At SofTech Computers, your locally owned computer repair service in Prescott, can almost always recover your data and get you back on track to a happy and safe computer experience. Give us a call at 928-443-8770



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