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SofTech Computer Sales in Prescott talks about the best time to buy a laptop

Time to buy a laptop? Let Softech computer sales in Prescott helpIt’s upsetting when you’ve just bought a new laptop for over $1,000 and then you see it “On Sale” for only $779 just months later. Worse yet, you see the new and improved version for what you paid for older technology. In the world of laptops, having current technology is fleeting, as things are always changing. However, it might be nice to know when the best time is to buy a laptop. SofTech Computer repair and sales in Prescott, would like to help answer that, but part of that depends on your circumstances.

If you have a laptop that has just died, or you get a “blue screen”, or you find that the software you need to use will not run on your old system, then the time to buy the new laptop is now, because you need it to do your work.

However, if your current laptop is working OK, and the need is not critical, you may be able to save money by strategically waiting for the best time to replace it. Most of the computer manufacturers release new models a three time a year: Back to School (June to August), Holiday season (September to December) and Spring (February to April).

Some of the best prices are during the Back to School season with the student marketing frenzy. However, you can also find good deals during the Holiday season, as retailers quite often have year and inventory reduction pricing to get ready for the new year.

When deciding on the right time for you to purchase that new laptop, you have to consider both price and obsolescence. From a price perspective, you are likely to see some great deals this holiday season. Obsolescence is not as big of an issue as it once was, and normally an older model will still work for many years.

In addition to price, you also need to consider how you will be using the laptop. If you are using it just for business applications, your requirements will be quite different from someone using it for gaming. If you are unsure of what choice to make when purchasing a new laptop, stop by SofTech Computers, your local computer repair and sales in Prescott, or give us a call at 928-443-8770 to discuss your laptop needs with people who care.



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