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Proper precautions for keeping your laptop safe when traveling

Proper precautions to keep your laptop safe when travelling - SofTech Computers in PrescottMost people travel light - some clothes, a couple things to do on the plane or in the car, your cell phone, and a laptop. Little do they know that bringing a laptop with you can present a lot more hazards than you might expect. From extra trouble with the TSA to hassles with Wi-Fi, it can be a real burden to bring your laptop places. Fortunately, SofTech Computers, Prescott’s hometown computer heroes, can help you make your travel experience less stressful and more what travel should be - FUN!

Proper precautions to keep your laptop safe when travelling - SofTech Computers in PrescottAirplanes - If you plan on traveling by air, you might want to consider carrying your laptop in an easy to access bag and or in the front pouch of your carry on bag. All airports in the United States now require that you put your laptop and all other large electronics in a separate container for x-ray scanning. You can save yourself a lot of hassle if you are prepared for that. Also, if you are carrying sensitive media like internal or external hard drives, solid state drives not enclosed in a metal housing, or tape drives (not cassette tapes), you should ask the TSA for an alternate screening of those items, as they are what is considered “x-ray and magnetic sensitive media”.

Cars - If you’re bringing your laptop on a trip that is particularly bumpy, like an off-roading trip or a trip where you know you’ll be going down a very bumpy road, we would like to advise you that you should not use your laptop during that time, and even go as far as consider investing in a foam case or pad of some kind that can help absorb the shock from the small bumps. These bumps can really wear on a computer and potentially cause it to die faster than expected.

Wi-Fi - Next, we would like to advise you about security when using Wi-Fi on your laptop. Only trust your friends’ and family’s Wi-Fi connection as secure. Any Wi-Fi that isn’t secure, or that doesn’t need a password to connect to is ill-advisable for anything containing personal information -- passwords, online banking, etc. You should refrain from using your laptop or any device connected to the Wi-Fi if you need to do these things. A great alternative would be using your smartphone as a hotspot, or using a Mi-Fi hotspot because, while they can be expensive, they are the most secure way to bank on the go. Or, purchase a VPN and avoid all the hassle to begin with. If you’d like to know more about VPNs and how they can help you, call SofTech Computers.

Desktops - These tips were relating to Laptops and travel, but what if you are going to somewhere for an extended trip or need to use all of the computing power of your desktop? Always keep your computer on its side, not standing up. Plus, you might want to consider bringing your computer to SofTech to travel-proof it. This constitutes making sure that everything is in place and that there is little to no movement among the parts of the computer. Overall, it is not advisable to move desktops over long distances frequently, and can seriously hurt the life of the machine.

Have more questions about travel safety when it comes to your laptop and personal information? Give SofTech Computers, your local Prescott computer repair shop, a call. We’re always available to help you and would be happy to make sure that you are travel ready. We can be reached at 928-443-8770.



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