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How to breathe life into your old computer

Breathe new life into an old computer with SofTech Computers in PrescottComputer running slow? Applications freezing all the time? Video or game stuttering and sound bugs? You’re probably thinking to yourself that it’s about time to buy a new computer. But wait! Rather than spending hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars on a new computer, SofTech Computers in Prescott recommends you try these simple solutions to make your old computer run like new:

Adding More Memory -
 If you do a lot of work like photo and video editing, or if you recently were upgraded to Windows 10, you may need more memory, or RAM, that your system currently has. Memory upgrades are usually one of the biggest impacts you can have on a computer, and memory is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of buying a whole new system.


Performing a System Cleanup - Often times, your computer can be slowed down by temporary files or malicious files clogging up your processor and memory. A simple virus removal and system cleanup can and will certainly make a difference in the way your computer runs, and, in some cases, even protect important data and keep your computer safe.


Cleaning your Startup and Unused Programs - Ever install a program or two, use them once, and then forget about them? We all have. The problem with this behavior is that it will significantly slow down your computer after repeated offenses. Cleaning up these, or simply removing them from starting automatically, can free up system resources and save you money.


Performing an OS Reload - Windows can become corrupt over time, and maybe “unfixable”, so so an OS reload could be the solution to your problem. If you find your computer turning off or getting “blue screens”, this might be your best option.


Physically Cleaning Your Computer - Often times, if your computer gets too dusty and dirty, your cooling system could work efficiently and reduce performance as a consequence. By cleaning your computer’s fans and cooling systems, you could reduce what is called thermal throttling and increase performance.


Adding a Solid State Drive (SSD) - Adding an SSD to your system, in place of a traditional hard drive, could speed you up by a factor of 5 or 6 times. Another added benefit of having an SSD in your computer is that it makes the computer more resistant to wearing out, increases battery life slightly, and is more resistant to drops and vibrations as well. Do keep in mind that Solid State Drives are a bit more expensive than a normal hard drive, so it could be more cost-effective for you to just replace your drive with a traditional drive instead.


Adding a Dedicated Graphics Card - If you work with photos, videos, graphics, or play video games, a video card is a must. Not only can a high quality dedicated video card dramatically increase performance while working with these types of programs, but can also reduce freezing on video playback, and increase general performance as well.


If you are still experiencing freezing, stuttering, or crashing, it might be time to get a new computer. Many computers may just be too old to help. “But what about all of the money I spent on trying to get this computer speedy?” you might ask yourself. Well, worry not: almost all of the items you may have purchased will also speed up a new computer as well!


These maintenance procedures could drastically increase your computer’s performance and potentially allow you to hold off on getting a new one for 3 or 4 years. If you are unsure how do any of these things, or would like to know beforehand if your investment will be worth it, call us at 928-443-8770



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