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How long will your computer last?

SofTech Computers offers a plan that covers the lifespan of your computer in Prescott.Softech computers has a payment plan that could cover the lifespan of your computer. We all want to get what we pay for and seldom do. We think about this at the time of purchase of a new computer. Let us be honest, we buy a computer and we just expect it to work and last. Did you know that laptops average lifespan is not quite as long as you expect? Most people think a laptop would last about 5 years. It’s actually 2-3 years with most lasting just over 2 years. A desktop computers average lifespan is 3-5 years. But why do they not last?

Laptops – These are created to be powerful machines that help simplify your world. They are much smaller than a desktop computer and way more portable. Could you even imagine shouldering your desktop computer from place to place? I couldn’t even imagine trying to make it work… all of those cables, your keyboard, the mouse, the power cable. It just all adds up. Now a laptop, its everything all combined. You bring it with you to work, pull it in and out of the bag that you then carry up and down stairs and all across town, these units take a beating. Laptops are created for portability not longevity. Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors at play and it is really hard to point them out but let’s give it a try at just talking about a few.

Desktops – Created to be powerful tools that stay stationary in your home or office and are not meant to be portable. These are almost always more powerful than their portable counterparts due to not needing to worry much about size or space requirements.

Factors that lead to the death of your computer:

The Hard Drive – Now unless you have a Solid-State Drive in your computer the Hard Drive can die from a single impact to just the right place. Remember our previous post about hard drives having moving parts? Well in a laptop these parts are way more susceptible to damage, a single hit to the hard drive location can make the whole thing grind to a halt.

Power - Yes power, the more you use the hotter it gets. Faster computers generate a lot more heat. This wears out the silicon chips. Having the correct ventilation can help decrease this risk factor but it cannot help with removing it.
Electrical – Incorrectly shutting down your computer, removing the power source abruptly, power surges, power sags, basically anything that increases or decreases power to the computer. Risk can be lowered by using a UPS (uninterruptible power source) with a surge protector.

Dust – it traps in heat, clogs fans, reduces airflow and slowly or in some cases abruptly destroys your computer. Clean out your fans regularly!

Abuse- it’s a given, if you are rough with your computer they break sooner than later. Hitting the computer to get it to move faster is not an option you should take, but hey we have seen it all.

Mechanical failures – these are more of a – yup it's dead – type factor. A fan, the processor, the motherboard, the hard drive, the video card. They all have a lifespan and unfortunately, we do not have a chart of possible lifetimes because honestly not even the manufacturer would know. Most warranty against defects for one year. After that? Well, it’s on you to repair or replace it.

These are just a few factors that can lead to the death of your computer. Others can be electrical damage, water/liquid damage, the list goes on. You can decrease the risks to help prolong the life of your computer unit. If you need further advice on how to better protect your computer from possible risks, and get the best value from your computer you can visit SofTech Computers in Prescott Arizona. Give us a call 928-443-8770



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