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Don't believe the phon scammers in Prescott. Call SofTech computers. They can detect computer problems.The phone rings and we want to be a good sport, pick up the phone and say hello. With the smart phone it’s easy to tell who the caller is, if the number matches one in our contacts. When it’s a number we don’t recognize, some of us want to do the better thing and answer the phone to save time and take care of the situation now. The voice claims to be Microsoft warning us that our computer has a virus. Before you panic and wonder what to do next, hang up! That’s right, hang up! These are two words of the wise from SofTech Computers in Prescott.

You’re thinking that this is rude, but it’s not. What the person on the other end of the line is attempting to do is far worse. We see victims on a daily basis – people who stayed on the phone long enough to be intimidated and scared half to death while thinking that someone from places unknown is about to take the computer out of peril. This is a scam. It is a crime. This doesn’t happen only in Prescott, it’s a global issue. Phone scammers get away with this because they’re difficult to stop and monitor.

Here is what they do:
•    They will trick their way in and call you on your cell phone – It doesn’t take a landline anymore.
•    Claim that they are employees of Apple, Google, or Microsoft.
•    Install harmful malware onto the device, desk top computer, laptop, or smart phone.
•    Install a program that will in turn install a virus and monitor every keystroke you make to steal passwords.
•    Steal your data.

Most of these calls take place during the middle of the day targeting the elderly or unemployed. These are the most vulnerable and gullible groups. The only way to stop this crime is to be aware; it’s all you can do to protect yourself. There’s no way to know what these criminals are getting away with, or how much money they are making.

Softech Computers would like to remind you that you have the power to hang up. Hanging up is the most useful tool we have in fighting off these scammers. If you receive a call like this and you’re still not sure, hang up and call Softech computers for advice at 928-443-8770. We’re happy to take a look and show you in person whether or not your computer has a virus. Put your trust in us, your local computer guys, to diagnose any problems and remove any potential virus.



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