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Gaming PC VS. Workstation - Buying a high end computer?

Custom computer sales in Prescott from SofTech ComputersAre you a hard-core computer user that demands a machine with superior performance? With so many options for computers out there it can be confusing to determine what type of computer you should be looking for. With higher end gaming computers and business workstations leading the pack with virtually the same specs, what is the difference? SofTech Computers, retailer of custom computer systems in Prescott, brings you some valuable information to help you decide before your next computer purchase.

Let’s be clear here, we are talking about readily available Windows based standalone PCs, not completely insane gaming rigs or expensive enterprise level solutions which might cost more than $10,000! These computers can run in the range of $1,000 to $3,000 and be equipped with AMD or Intel processors.

What is the main difference of the two?

  • Workstation PC: This computer is usually used by engineers, designers, and developers. Really anyone who works with a lot of data manipulation and processing power relying on a wide range of workloads.
  • Gaming PC: This computer is used mainly for gaming, as the name implies, and is built on sheer performance and speed for a variety of tasks related to specific tasks.

Main workstation differences

Workstations are built on reliability, catering to those who make a living working on their computer, and in which the parts are designed to last as long as possible. Several differences over other computers include special RAM and hard drive configurations to limit errors with data and processing. These computers may also come with alternative power supply options to limit power failure that can result in data loss.

Other main differences include special video cards that provide professional graphics and reliability, professional versions of the operating system, special motherboards outfitted with specs that are just not needed for personal PC or gaming computer.

Main gaming rig differences

 Gaming PCs, although outfitted with impressive hardware, still has a budget in mind. These computers are usually outfitted with CPUs designed for specific tasks and lack additional processor cores used for data crunching of the workstation computers. Many times, these computers are overclocked to provide more speed during gaming, however overclocking can cause the computer to overheat requiring additional cooling equipment adding to the overall cost.

Gaming PCs are built on little more than speed. Faster RAM, hard drives, and over clocked CPUs; most other parts are included to manage and cool these devices. The parts of these computer are constantly being upgraded, and given the competitive nature of these machines and their users, you will always be upgrading to keep ahead of the competition.

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Truth be told, a quality workstation may run you a $1,000 more than a gaming computer with the same specs, however there are any things that do not appear on the spec label’s overview. Many small nuances sometimes make a workstation a far better investment for the long term and future upgradeability. Aesthetically however, prebuilt gaming PCs are often better looking than their workhorse cousins, and manufacturers of these computers tend to dress up these computers with LED lights, alien heads, or skulls to appear to their audience. Workstations are not so appealing, however a look under the hood may leave a gamer wanting to take it for a test drive.

So, without discussing specific numbers that might be obsolete next year for the gaming PC owner, what kind of computer do you need? Still haven’t made up your mind? SofTech Computers, Prescott’s custom computer shop, is here to help you decide. Stop in today to talk with out knowledgeable staff about your next computer purchase or contact us today. Give us a call at 928-443-8770.



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