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Fake computer virus and malware warnings

Softech Computers can help you with fake computer virus warnings in Prescott.Stop! Read this. Chances are, your computer doesn’t have a virus.  If a virus warning suddenly popped up on your computer, don’t believe it, don’t call the number.

Don’t get trapped with an alert is flashy, full of technical sounding words convincing you that you have computer damage, data corruption, a virus, or infection. We ask that you please don’t click or call! It will only lead you to a more intimidating situation.

Microsoft or Apple will not contact you directly, or ask you by other means to directly contact them. Apple and Microsoft are in the business to sell and promote new computers, not convince you to fix the one you already own. At SofTech computers we would like to tell you, don’t believe everything you see. Get in touch with a local specialist instead.

Here are more examples of what happens when you get caught in their trap:

•    Convince you that you have a computer problem, when you don’t
•    If you ask who they are or where they work, they will tell you Google, Microsoft, or Apple, or anything to convince you to move along with the scam.
•    If you tell them too much, it will be used against you to further their agenda
•    Here’s where it gets really scary. The next thing they will recommend is a download of some software into your computer. Would you give this to a stranger? This allows a remote connection, giving them live control of your computer.
•    Next, they will run fake scans – proof that there is a “problem.”
•    Now these infections have supposedly been detected. They will ask for a fee to remove them.
•    Here is where it gets worse: You agree to pay them with a credit card while they “fix” your problem. By now, they’re installing software that could monitor your computer and steal your money, identity and passwords. So, while you paid them to correct the issue, they now have access to more than you’d give your next door neighbor.
•    At this point, you could refuse, but you will get locked out of your computer

To some of us, using a computer can be a daunting task. If you’re new to the computer world, this is especially true. SofTech Computers in Prescott would like to remind you that whenever you’re using your computer, keep your common sense. Don’t panic. Don’t believe everything you read. Don’t give a stranger access to your computer. Above all, call a technician you can trust at 928-928-443-8770



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